Backlink Builders - Trial Test


The other week, I stumbled upon a website that claimed to help build backlinks for websites.  Being a litle skeptical, I couldn't resist trying out their product just to see if it would actually work.  After all, the price was only $10 for 1000 backlinks.  I figured, it couldn't hurt.

A couple of days after registering, I received an email from the company saying that they would provide me a report 5 business days after the order submission.  Sure enough, five days after, I received my report of the sites that where used to create back links to my site.  I have included the report at the end of this blog post.

Long story short, I'm not totally sold or convinced on this Backlink program.... Why?  For starters, the majority of the links are to sites that have nothing to do with any relevancy to my site content.  They simply are pointless sites with links back to my site.  In fact, some of the sites are sites I would not like to have links coming from, ie. adult related sites.

Therefore, if you ever stumble upon this site,, I would be very careful about using their service as their links are highly questionable.  Furthermore, those sites which might be relevant to your site, might not have a very high PR score.

I will report back on this blog if/when I see an upclick in my SEO scores.


Here is the backlink report:;u=142564;u=40216;u=60722;u=26584;u=138871;u=51966;u=66128;u=53473;u=66918;u=131750;u=76837;u=76259;u=53117;u=31823;u=20194;u=24833;u=77238;u=46643;u=60817;u=97892;u=106800;u=76102;u=22367;u=22705;u=97879;u=76327;username=Unissulnelymn;u=126512;u=48781;u=27232;username=KestCawsApast;u=8360;u=109742;u=25848;u=53268;username=torriemeade;username=Nekendottjeof;u=39341;u=60058;u=104279;u=39717;u=102305;u=77553;u=54591;u=99242;u=85736;u=52055;u=38358;username=Pauptutty;u=109894;u=43358;u=125177;u=21642;u=23267;CODE=03;MID=65-1280744591;u=80455;CODE=03;MID=70-1280744433;u=70603;u=50122;u=9623;u=23135;u=63047;u=11673;u=28544;u=42657;u=75283;u=51515;username=Reecoushene;CODE=03;MID=105-1280744892

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