Google Update May 2009


Google changes are coming soon!

Some activity in the search engine indicates some changes in the Google Algorithm are currently in progress.  How do I know?  Well, for starters, since 2002,, will drop in and out  and bounce around from page to page of the search results during what I call an "Algorithm Purge".  During this algorithm purge sites are re-indexed, spidered and ranked based on their site content.  For the past seven years, has consistantly ranked in the top 1-3 pages of the search engines for the term "Ohio Web Design".  As of today, 5/26/09, has been dropped completely from the search results.  This means that the domain has been removed from the results for further inspection by computerized means or for human inspection.  The reason for this could be for any reason related to algorithm changes or it could be the result that has recently gone through a complete content make-over.  Regardless, because the site is no longer in the google index for "ohio web design", it is a pretty good indication that a algorithm purge is going to take place in the next few days or weeks.  It will also mean that a lot of sites will re-shuffle in the results.  Let's hope this purge and re-indexing is a little more accurate than previous purge/shuffles.