E-Doc Vault


 Convert your documents from paper to pdf and store online in an easy to use archival system... as low as 5¢ per page.

Dynamic Webs, LLC is now providing Document Scanning Solutions and Paper to PDF Conversion and Online Storage through our E-DocVault web portal.  Now you no longer have to worry about the tedious task of scanning your own documents and storing them on CD.  E-DocVault provides an automated and easy to use website portal for you to upload your scanned documents to a secure client account for fast and convenient access.



What is E-DocVault?

E-DocVault is a website service.  We provide a website portal to businesses and the general public to store their critical documents in pdf format on their own private and secured storage account.

How does E-DocVault work?

There are one of two ways to use E-DocVault.

  1. Bring us your documents and we scan the files and convert them into pdf documents and then upload them to your account.
  2. Scan the documents yourself and upload the documents through our web portal service by logging in with a user name and password.

Why should I use your service?

Every year, according to U.S. Fire Administration, hundreds of thousands of fires destroy non-residential properties every year.  From 1998 through 2007, over 1.2 million businesses were destroyed by fire and accounted for over $27.4 Billion dollars in damage and loss.  30% of these businesses fail within the first year and another 70% of those business remaining fail within 5 years.  One of the major reasons for business failure is loss of document data and records related to business insurance, accounts payable, receivables, bills, etc.  Many of the businesses would still be in business today had they taken proper precautions to protect their documents through either of-site document storage solutions or through electronic document storage solutions.

Unfortunately, for many businesses, document storage solutions is an expensive and time consuming process.  Additionally, it may not entirely protect documents from damage to to fire, water damage due to flooding or other causes, natural disasters and simple document aging. Furthermore, accessing your documents when you need them can be a daunting process trying to locate a particular document. 

Document Conversion, Paper to PDF and Online storage addresses many of these issues by providing secure digital copies of your documents in an off-site digital storage solution.  The data at our facility is backed up to ditigal media on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.  Additionally, we make DVD copies of client files and store offsite to further maximize your data protection. Furthermore, your ability to easily access your data through our online web portal makes it a breeze to retrieve your documents and conveniently print off your own copies from your personal laser printer at home or the office.

How safe and secure our my documents on your servers and service?  Do I have to worry about identity theft?

If man can build it, man can break it!  Not exactly the response you were looking for.  Regardless, the truth remains, no technology is 100% impervious to hackers and online thieves.  However, Dynamic Webs takes security very seriously and works diligently to protect all of our data and client data.  In fact, we believe that the client data and our corporate data are both equally important... That is why we host our corporate data on the same servers as our client data.

We are confident in knowing that our 128k Encryption SSL Licenses are strong enough to thart off even the most advanced hacker techniques.  Furthermore, we are working with independent companies to test any and all potential or future vulnerabilities by using McAfee Hacker Secure scanning to detect any potential issues with our network and data.  Staying ahead of the hackers is the best way to protect against the threats they create.  Knowing in advance what our security issues might be allows us to adapt and modify our systems for the maximum protection.

Every account on our E-Doc Vault service is protected by their own SSL License in addition to our very own ssl licenses.  Additionally, our DSS PCI Compliance standards and practices insures an additional level of protection.  Since we meet the same criteria of protection designated by financial institutions, we are reassured by their standards as a secondary line of defense.

Finally, all of our employees go through an extensive background check, including FBI background checks and finger print identity scans.  No individual in our company will ever have a criminal record... We simply will not allow an individual with a suspicious or past criminal history to work with our servers or client data.  This is our promise and guarantee to our clients.  Additionally, we do not outsource any of our servers or work to foreign based operations or customer sevices representatives.  Our workers are all US citiezens and fall under United States and the State of Ohio Jurisdictions.  Any and all legal disputes with our employees will be handled through the US courts.  Dynamic Webs, LLC also has a zero tolerance rule... any employee convicted of a crime will be terminated from our employment.  Any misuse or abuse of client and company information is grounds for immediate removal from company grounds and immediate termination, and prosecution.

How much does the service cost?

$79.95 account setup fee. (Includes SSL License Registration)

$0.05 per page scanned.

$7.95 per month for online storage (25 GB Account)

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