SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


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How can SEO (Search Engine Optimization) help my site?  Isn't my site already built to be search engine friendly?

Far too often I hear these questions from new and perspective clients.  The answers.... A lot and probably not.

Search Engine Optimization can help your site by positioning it on the first three pages of the popular search engines (Google, Yahoo and MSN).  This allows your site to achieve greater exposure to new and potential clients who are searching for your services online.  Too many times clients simply assume their site will automatically appear in the search engines based on their site's most popular keywords.  Unfortunately, with billions of websites on the internet today, gettting exposure is critical.  When it comes to advertising you wouldn't spend money on a billboard in the middle of a desert... would you?  Would you place a sign on the bottom of the ocean floor?  Would you advertise your products on the moon?  Of course not!  So why then, would you build a website and not take steps to properly advertise your site in front of your clients?  Are you happy being on page 5891?

Thus, every client I speak to, I ask the same question.... If you have a website and it's not in the search engines and no one sees your site, is it worth having?  NO!  Why would you continue to spend a monthly fee on a website that gets very little to no exposure?  Why would you spend hundreds of dollars on portal sites that advertise your services as well as your competitor services?  Wouldn't you rather spend your money on yourself and re-invest into your website and generate exposure for you and your company alone!?

Proper SEO is the key to making this all happen!

Why then isn't my site already built to be search engine friendly?  I spent a lot of money on a professional design, shouldn't that be included as part of the package?

Unfortunately, the answer to these questions is a little hard to swallow.  Yes, your site should be SEF (Search Engine Friendly) and it should have been part of the package.  Unfortunately, many web designers and development companies don't focus all their efforts on SEO.  Search Engine optimization is extremely tedious and time consuming work.  It requires an ongoing commitment to maintain page ranking in the search engines.  No matter what, you simply cannot just build it once and expect to stay on page one forever.  Proper SEO work requires minor changes on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis.  The search engines are constantly adjusting their algorithms in order to keep the SEO world fair and honest.  Proper SEO also requires the same attention to detail.

How can Dynamic Webs help me?

Dynamic Webs offers several SEO packages that are customized to several levels of SEO performance and budget.  Our packages provide an annual committment to the ongoing success of your site, helping to generate more traffic through our monthly and quarterly optimization maintenance plans.  We watch the search engines for algorithm changes and make adjustments to your site keywords and meta tags to help assure either higher page ranking or more exposure through increased relevant keywords.  Let's be honest, sometimes you are not giong to get on pages 1-3 for certain keywords... Other companies and sites have developed dominance in the search engines for certain keywords.  Your goal then is to find ways to expose more signs for similar keywords or keyword combinations.  "More signs are better than bigger signs"!

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