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Hackers Blocked!

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Due to the increase of hackers from outside the United States, especially those from China, India, Russia, and other non-western countries, Dynamic Webs has begun blocking all traffic from these countries.  At this time, we feel it is only necessary to provide visible access to internet traffic to the United States, Canada, Central and South America, England and Western Europe.  Until such a time the governments of those countries deny their civilians to engage in cyber-crimes against the businesses and citizens of the United State, we will continue to block many IP addresses from these countries and will add to our blacklist any and all known hacker IP ranges, including blocking the entire suspect hacker country.

Updated 3-24-2011

I am currently compiling a list of IP addresses of hackers as they attempt to hack into our server.  I will eventually publish this list of hacker IP addresses on the site.  This list can be used to populate your own site "Black List" to prevent these hackers from attacking your site.  Currently, here is a small list I have compiled in the last few days of monitoring.  Feel free to use this list to start blocking hackers that have tried to attack our server. Click the read more button for the current list:

Last Updated ( Friday, 25 March 2011 02:15 )  

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